Fix What’s Broken and Missing

We will improve your website, web-presence and online directories.

Website development

Your existing website will be brought up to current requirements in terms of speed and compatibility. If you don’t have a website at the moment, we will create one for you. Our sites are mobile-friendly, based on responsive layouts and adhere to Google mobile regulations. It means that your site will look good and perform well on all devices from smart phones and tablets to large screen computers.

SEO Optimization

Your website will be prepared for search engine crawlers so that they can accurately understand and register your site’s content correctly. This process will help you with name-specific searches (e.g. “Your Business Name”). For less specific searches (e.g. “________ Service Brooklyn”) more advanced measures need to be taken.

Directories and map listings set up

Information about your practice will be submitted to the top 65 directories, thus improving your SEO. Once your NAP (Name Address & Phone Number) information is identical across the networks, we will maintain those sites and update them whenever necessary, pictures, staff, prices, etc. Information about your practice will be added to all the major map services. You will be provided assistance in verification process, if required.

Reputation Management

We will connect you to a review system, which will help to efficiently collect reviews BEFORE patients leave the office. Immediately prompt them to copy positive reviews to external sources (like Yelp!). This system will provide you damage control options in case of receiving a bad review. We will provide a free training session for your staff.

Social Media Evaluation

We will create for you social media outlets on the following three major social media networks: Google +, Facebook and Twitter. If you already have pages there, we can assist you by giving them a more professional look, and we will verify and update all information about your practice whenever needed (If you would like to have outlets created on other networks, we can help with that as well, the social media management package, these can be purchased separately.

fix whats broken