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This part of CloudLions patient management suite is focused on communication with a patient before and after visit to medical practitioner office.

The system is a cloud-based solution, integrating the information from your local Patient Management System, such as Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental/PracticeWeb, Easy Dental with various online tools, designed to make every aspect of your correspondence with the patient efficient and automated.

The system offers automated reminders, sent to the patient at the specific time before the appointment via e-mail and (or) mobile phone text message and automatically logging the confirmations from the receiver.

Ones the patient was away from your office for some time, you can send a reminder using re-call and re-activate options, effectively urging patient to come back. Newsletters, promotions and birthday greetings help to reinforce your message and regularly keep in touch with your patients. In case you need to alert everyone, scheduled for a specific date, about changes in their schedule – there is a group message in place.

The easy and rich with flexibility rating and review control system allows you to build online reputation: every patient, who visited your office, is prompted to share his experience. You on the other hand, have a complete control over how the ratings and revives displayed. The whole suite is conservatively priced, and as user-friendly as it gets.

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– Healthcare Practitioner Search
and Online Appointment Scheduling

This patient oriented doctor locator offers variety of tools, which allow patient to easily find a medical professional, and schedule an appointment. Apart from competitors, is designed with patient experience in mind: system offer terminology and tools, oriented on minimal medical education: patient is asked to describe how he feels in simple terms, the search results can be served in two zip codes at the same time, to allow compare options close to home and to work in one set of search results. The information about a doctor is enriched with rating and review information, and supported by the instant chat option.

Scheduling appointment is seamless and fast, requiring patient to provide only minimal information, and allowing to receive appointment confirmation easily. All appointment times, available for scheduling, are synchronized with local Patient Management System, such as Dentrix, SoftDent, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, OpenDental/PracticeWeb, Easy Dental. This ensures prevention of double booking and delays in appointment confirmations. There is functionality in place for keeping some time of the day in reserve, to provide our clients with even distribution of the daily appointments, and effective time management.

square_IeX – The sure way to organize insurance plan processing

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Instant access to insurance group coverage details will help your practice:

… to minimize the approval time for your patients loosing them because of it.
… to eliminate massive time spends on communication with insurance providers, especially waiting on hold.
… to avoid financial losses due to claim rejections, on the basis of wrongly interpreted. incomplete or blindly presumed group terms.
… to enable you finding insurance groups’ information in seconds, instead of going over the same 20-minute process every time.

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